Strengthening the Immune System with Chiropractic Care

Flu diagnosis have been at epidemic proportions this season.  Data gathered by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicate increasing outbreaks weekly from October of 2017 to February of 2018.  Record numbers have been admitted to hospitals across the U.S. during this outbreak.  In addition to basic hygiene and fastidious handwashing procedures, it is important to protect and support the immune system during a time when many in the community are sick.  Chiropractic care can help maintain wellness and support individual immunity during this outbreak of flu and pneumonia. 


Immune System

The immune system in the human body is miraculously designed to fight off disease.  A network of germ-fighting cells join forces to defend against invading microorganisms.  The immune system is made of leukocytes, phagocytes and lymphocytes.  Within the lymphocytes there are two types of cells:  T-cells and B-cells.  T-cells, sometimes called “killer t-cells”, find infection and kill it.  B-cells make antibodies as a barrier to infection from the invading bacteria and viruses.

Defending Against Viruses and Bacteria

Micro-invaders are constantly changing and getting stronger.  This is why there has been a recent awareness in overprescribing antibiotics.  The bacteria are getting smarter and finding ways to resist antibiotics, making illness more difficult to treat.  T-Cells and B-Cells are able to recognize an invading organism and multiply quickly to protect against it.  Thus, finding ways to aid the immune system in the production of these illness fighters is the best way to promote wellness even when surrounded by a host of germs.


How Can I Boost My Immune System?

There are many products that claim to help boost immune health.  A quick search of the Internet will reveal numerous vitamins and supplements claiming to improve your immune system.  A review of the literature reveals the following supplements support immune health:

  •      Vitamin A
  •      Vitamin C
  •      Vitamin D
  •      Vitamin E
  •      Ginseng

However, in addition to adding a good multivitamin and Ginseng tablet to your diet, did you know chiropractic also supports immune health without ingesting a pill?  Studies show the immune system function improves by 48% 24-48 hours after receiving a regular chiropractic adjustment. When fighter T-Cells are working at their optimum, it is much easier to fight the flu and other viral and bacterial illnesses.  When the spine is adjusted properly, neural pathways are open to receive messages identifying harmful invaders in the system. 


Closing Thoughts from Dr. Tali

No one can afford to miss work, school or day-to-day life with the flu or any other illness.  Feeling your best is critical to enjoying all that life has to offer.  During this flu epidemic that is sweeping the nation, take time to invest in your health.  Chiropractic care will boost your immune system, helping your body to naturally fight off pesky invaders.  You owe it to yourself to promote optimal wellness.  Call us today to schedule an appointment to assess your personal situation.  If you are struggling with autoimmune disorders or specific illnesses, we are happy to evaluate your condition to determine if chiropractic care is right for you. 

In wellness, 

Dr. Tali