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Chiropractic Care Services 

Treatment for lower back pain, neck pain, sciatic nerve pain, and headaches

Dr. Tali Pariser’s goal as a chiropractor is to reduce the patient’s pain, inflammation and swelling with the help of passive and active care and restore normal function and range of motion to all areas of the body.

In the next phase of care Dr. Tali makes the necessary corrections so the body will not resort back to its painful state. In the third phase of care Dr. Tali focuses on the wellness and life style changes so the body is functioning on its highest capacity.

Her passion is in helping all her patients, families and their children, and athletes interested in wellness, recovering from an event or sports injury. We also use our advanced table with the Cox Flexion Distraction technique. The table extends and creates Traction and Decompression of the lumbar spine to help a Disc Problem patient with pain relief.

Using the most effective Chiropractic Techniques and Technology to provide pain relief to your injuries.

At Radiant Health Chiropractic clinic, Dr. Tali uses tables advanced in their technology such as a pneumatic hydraulic table that has sections which separate and drop for the patient’s comfort level, specific area of concern and type of patient receiving the adjustment.

We also have a table which accommodates prenatal chiropractic adjustments by dropping a segment in the midsection. Dr. Tali uses techniques such as a Thompson drop table, activator method, extremity adjusting, and muscle testing to assess the areas of concern and determine the need for an adjustment.

At our clinic we also have a table similar to a Massage Table called Inter-Segmental Traction Table. It is utilized to break down adhesions between the spinal segments and traction the spinal column. Dr. Tali uses Arthrostim as a low force technique for those who prefer low force adjusting, babies, elderly patients and those in need of Myofascial release. The instrument utilizes difference intensity levels and attachments for the variety of issues at hand. Today's practitioner needs precision and controlled joint displacement combined with patient comfort. The ArthroStim® instrument allows the doctor tremendous control over all adjustment variables. The ArthroStim® produces a succession of rapidly repeating, high velocity-low amplitude thrusts. The power of the thrusts can be changed from mere ounces of force, up to 40 pounds of thrusting force.

The ArthroStim® instrument features a spring cushioned 'floating stylus' design that enables a practitioner to instantly increase and decrease the thrusting force simply by increasing or decreasing pressure against the body. This permits the practitioner to utilize the ArthroStim® as an extension of their own hands.

Chiropractic Drop Table in Smyrna
Dr. Tali really helped my neck and upper back pain that I’ve had for over a year from a motorcycle crash...
— Jeremy on GOOGLE


FAKTR Therapy: Treatment for sports injuries, scar tissue, plantar fasciitis, and more

We offer an additional technique called FAKTR, to assist athletes or avid exercisers improve performance and break the barrier of pain and limited range of motion as a result of injury to the soft tissue and underlying fascia. The technique utilizes instruments similar to blade that provoke the muscle fibers to react and rebuild while in static, active and resistive positions while utilizing the same principles as the Graston technique. Dr. Tali has experience of over 15 years of neuromuscular techniques and soft tissue work. She is now utilizing the technique and helped many patients achieve resolution to their restriction in range of motion and faulty function with FAKTR.

If your exercise routines includes CrossFit, BJJ, play a professional sport, or simply suffer with scar tissue from improper posture FAKTR might be the technique that yields the best result.

Physical Therapy: Our custom care plans can include physical therapy to help support relief of your pain

In Physical therapy, we treat an injury or pain that has not been helped by other methods with the use of therapeutic exercises, application of different modalities such Ultra Sound, Electrical Stimulation, Axial traction and curve correction devices such as Posture Pumps and Denneroll and instruments intended to restore and facilitate normal function and development of new habits.

woman doing physical therapy in smyrna clinic