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Dr. Tali Pariser is regarded as one of the best chiropractors in Smyrna, Mablenton, and Vinings, GA due to her caring and welcoming treatment. Dr. Tali graduated from Life University and has been implementing the latest in chiropractic care for neck and back pain since 2002. She has even worked extensively with pro-wrestlers, pro-body builders, and world class athletes in pain relief for their shows and competitive events.

Dr. Tali is AMAZING!!!! She is very knowledgeable and a true professional. Where most doctors visits are an in and out experience, not here...She not only makes you feel comfortable, but can relate on a person level. The Five-Star Rating is just not enough. Thanks for all your support Dr. Tali!!!
— Christy on Google Reviews

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I absolutely love Radiant Health! Dr. Tali is so welcoming and accepting of everyone who comes through her doors. She doesn’t judge and you feel completely comfortable in her care. She provides as much care as you feel comfortable with and does not pressure you to do more than you are able....
— Tracy on Google Reviews
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Dr. Tali is an AMAZING doctor. 10 year old car accident with an injured neck and I have never felt so well. 2 - 3 headaches a week have now been reduced to 2 - 3 per month. This is only after a month of treatment. She is very informative and knows her profession front and back.
— Gomes on Google Reviews

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Chiropractic services for sciatica and lower back pain in Smyrna GA

Chiropractic Services
for Sciatica, Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain, Headaches & More

My focus as a chiropractor is to eliminate your painful symptoms, correct spinal alignment, and provide wellness education for a healthy future. A true chiropractic care plan is a must for resolving the causes of pain.Knowing the importance of convenience, I too make sure to visit the best chiropractor near me on a regular basis.

Dr. Tali is a car accident specialist in smyrna GA.

Car Accident & Whiplash Treatment

Your injuries caused by even a slow moving car accident can result in headaches, dizziness, pain in your shoulders, arms and hands, and stiffness in your neck and lower back. The symptoms may not even appear for weeks or months later. During your consultation, we will recommend specific chiropractic adjustments and in-office physical therapy to help restore joint motion. 

Physical therapy in Smyrna GA for lower back pain relief and many other injuries.

Physical Therapy Services
to  Support Your Custom Chiropractic Care plan

Our clinic provides full rehab services for sports injuries, car accidents, and muscle pain with the aid of Ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, therapeutic exercises, FAKTR: instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, trigger point therapy, & more. All our therapies are included in your custom care plan to help support your healing.