Full Body Vibration Plate – How Does It Work?

Chiropractic care often employs new, innovative therapies to treat pain and move the body into a greater state of wellness.  The full body vibration plate is one of the tools utilized by chiropractors to aid in strengthening the body, reducing back pain and improving health.  The key to this tool is its ability to activate the muscular-skeletal system and nervous system simultaneously.

How Does the Full Body Plate Work?

The full body vibration plate is an exciting new tool with many promising and exciting benefits. It allows the user to experience vertical vibration throughout the entire body. The plate is usually a simple platform.  Sometimes plates are designed with a rail to help patients maintain balance.  Patients begin by standing comfortably on top of the plate itself. The plate is powered on, sending vibration from the bottom of the feet up through the entire body.  Your chiropractor may recommend specific stretches, exercises or other therapeutic activities while standing on the plate. The full body vibration plate provides a vertical vibration to enhance your current chiropractic treatment.


Why Is the Vertical Vibration Plate Helpful?

Chiropractic care traditionally includes a treatment involving a patient’s joints, bones and soft tissue. The full body vibration plate allows your chiropractor to use gravity and enhanced muscle contractions to make your prescribed therapy even more beneficial. Use of a full body vibration plate may benefit health and well-being in many other areas, as well. It is often prescribed for:

  • strength training
  • enhanced athletic performance
  • therapy for the elderly
  • relief for arthritis pain
  • scoliosis treatment
  • weight loss

The full body vibration plate may result in better, faster results when used in addition to your traditional chiropractic treatment plan!

Full Body Vibration and the Nervous System

Using a full body vibration plate not only activates the muscles and skeletal system, the nervous system is engaged entirely, as well.  The moment the plate begins vibrating, powerful signals are transmitted from the brain, down the spine and throughout the remaining nerves in the body.  With these extra impulses firing, pain signals may be reduced, since the brain and nervous system are working to integrate the vibration stimuli. 

Healing Benefits

The current buzz in the world of chiropractic care is the amazing benefits of using a full body vibration plate. Vertical vibration and the healing and restorative properties of this treatment appear endless.  From increasing muscle strength in senior citizens, to activating muscle groups to aid in fitness and weight loss, the full body vibration plate is an exciting new advancement in chiropractic care.

Closing Thoughts from Dr. Tali

Chiropractic innovations are growing each day.  This is an exciting time to shift our focus from that of treating illness to enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself.  A full body vibration plate is an exciting tool with healing potential for every system and cell in the body.  At Radiant Health Chiropractic, we can offer specific guidance and assistance with how to best utilize this therapy tool.  Call today to learn more about treatment options that integrate full body vibration plates as a part of your journey to health.

In wellness,
Dr. Tali