Wobble Chair For Posture

Some activities invite back and neck pain.  Anyone who works in an office or on a computer for extended periods of time understands the pain that can develop from sitting statically.  Furniture designers are working overtime on ergonomic options to enhance movement and decrease ailments which have developed in this technology-rich world of today.  Wobble chairs are available in a variety of designs and offer movement options for people who must sit on the job. 

What in the World is a Wobble Chair?


A wobble chair is an ergonomically designed chair which allows and promotes movement while sitting.  Often these chairs are created more as a stool.  However, there are varying design options.  Some chairs are structured with a larger seat and arms on the side.  These chairs all have one important feature, though:  no back.  Wobble chairs are designed so the sitter must use lower back muscles and core muscles.  The goal is to sit up straight and move often while working.   

Do Chiropractors Recommend Wobble Chairs for Office Work?

Chiropractors generally always promote healthy movement to clients.  When Isaac Newton uttered, “A body in motion stays in motion,” he certainly never knew how powerful his words would become in the field of chiropractic work.  Wobble chairs and stools help patients to move.  Movement uses muscles, and strong muscles improve range of motion.  Any movement will build better bodies and enhance functionality.  This is the goal of chiropractic care:  to improve the quality of life for patients through natural, non-invasive options.  Thus, it makes perfect sense for chiropractors to recommend this seating option to patients who are struggling with back and neck pain. 

How Do I Sit in a Wobble Chair?

Regardless of the various designs, wobble chairs and stools are used by perching on top near the center point of the stool.  Moving back and forward, side to side or around in a circular motion engages core muscles, lower back and even the hips and legs.   Sitting up with a straight back, balancing and moving often will help maintain positive posture.  Pain and stiffness that develop from sitting too long are alleviated. 

Wobble Board Exercises

Your wobble chair can be used for exercise breaks during the day.  Finding moments in your day to increase movement is important for your health.  If you have invested in a wobble chair or stool, consider the following exercises to get the maximum benefit from this ergonomic seating option:

·      Side-to-Side Movement- Sit up straight and shift hips from side to side, keeping shoulders fairly straight and engaging oblique muscles of the core. 

·      Front-to-Back Movement- Sit up straight and rock hips back and forth, keeping shoulders level and neck straight.

·      Twist- Sit up straight and place fists together in front of your chest with your forearms parallel to your chest and elbows bent.  Twist from side to side, shifting hips slightly during the twist to fully engage the core and provide release of the lumbar spine. 


Closing Thoughts from Dr. Tali

Wobble chairs are an essential office addition to anyone looking to improve core strength and move more during the day.  If you work in an office or find yourself spending a great deal of time sitting, consider this simple investment in your health.  At Radiant Health Chiropractic, we are eager to evaluate you and determine which chair designs might best fit your specific needs.

 In wellness, 

Dr. Tali