Stomach aches, cramps, lack of energy and more serious issues can result when the digestive system isn’t working well. 

Constipation- Real Talk

When the digestive system isn’t working well, a host of complications can arise.  Stomach aches, cramps, lack of energy and more serious issues can result.  Constipation is not a particularly pleasant topic to discuss, but it is an issue many people struggle with daily.  This article will focus on ways to combat constipation and improve overall digestive functioning. 

How Do I Know I am Constipated?

Healthy digestion is individual based upon each person’s unique make up.  People can have bowel movements as often as three times a day or as little as three times a week, depending upon the amount of food ingested, the types of foods eaten, and a person’s metabolism.  You know you are constipated if you are having difficulty using the restroom and are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

·      Cramping

·      Bloating

·      Gas

·      Pebble-like pellets

·      Heavy, hard bowel movements

·      Inability to pass a full bowel movement

What Does Your Poop Look Like?

Noticing the characteristics of your bowel movements is important.  If you are having difficulty using the bathroom, you may need to seek advice from a health care professional.  In this instance, you will need to provide information about the appearance of your bowel movements.  Generally, your poop should be brown in color.  Also, your poop should float in the toilet.  This indicates a healthy, fibrous diet.  Sinking poop or small, hard pellets indicate dehydration.  Watching your poop and determining any unhealthy qualities can inspire a change in diet.

How Do I Improve My Digestive System?

Some simple lifestyle changes can help treat constipation and prevent it from recurring.  First, it is very important to drink enough water.  If you are constipated, dehydration can be a serious contributor to the problem.  A minimum of 8 glasses of water per day can help get things moving again.  Adding fiber to your diet is important, as well.  Healthy grains, fruits and vegetables are essential to eliminating waste efficiently from the digestive system.  You may also try to following treatments to aid in treating constipation:


·      Enemas

·      Drink coffee

·      Add olive oil to your diet

·      Exercise

·      Use a “squat position”- Special potties and stools are available to help change the pooping position.


Can Chiropractic Care Help Digestion?

Interestingly, studies show that chiropractic adjustments can also help improve digestion and treat constipation.  Removing blockages occurring in the spine can help the system flow in all areas, including the digestive system.  With weekly adjustments, constipation is often alleviated along with any other underlying conditions related to dysfunctional systems in the body.


Closing Thoughts from Dr. Tali

Constipation is a nagging problem.  If left untreated, more serious complications can result.  Dealing with an impacted colon is miserable and can lead to intestinal rupture, fissures and sometimes even surgery.  Simple changes in diet, exercise and regular chiropractic adjustments can restore the body’s natural systems.  At Radiant Health Chiropractic, we care about helping you to live your best life.  Call today to let us help restore you to “All systems GO!” 

In wellness, 

Dr. Tali