What can I do for Hand Numbness and Tingling or Feet Numbness?

I see patients often who complain about hand numbness or tingling. It can happen in their hands or their feet.

It is obviously the result of nerve flow compromise. The flow has been interrupted and should be restored as soon as possible. This problem can cause nerve injury which if left uncorrected may lead to nerve death.

There are a few reasons that may cause this, let me give you a quick solution to help out until you go to see your chiropractor.

For the arms it is highly probable the pectoralis (chest) muscles which have gotten hyper-toned, hypertrophied, or simply tight and restricting the nerves right underneath. The first thing you can do is lean your arm on a doorway in a 90 degrees angle and hold to stretch the chest muscles. It generally brings immediate relief.

Feet numbness can be caused by a bone misalignment, but also from a hyper accentuated curve in the low back. To relieve this, please stand against the wall with your back and push your pelvis forward until the arch has been decreased or eliminated, hold it for a few seconds and repeat. Pelvic tilts are easy to learn and should provide relief.

Dr. Tali Pariser's health tip of the day: Pect (chest) muscle stretch to relieve hand numbness. Visit us at www.radianthealthchiropractic.com Chiropractor in Smyrna GA