Tips to Thaw Out Your Winter Workout


Tips to Thaw Out Your Winter Workout


Are the winter blues freezing out your workout routine? It is easy to let earlier sunsets, colder temperatures and harsh weather bring your fitness goals to a halt. When the winter weather sets in you have to come up with a game plan to stick to your fitness goals. Here are a few ways to stay active.


Create a Home Gym

When it’s too cold or too dark for your after work run, consider instead working out from the warmth and comfort of your own home. Setting up a home gym can help your fitness goals stay on track. Some equipment you might want to add to your home gym includes:


●     Yoga mat

●     Dumbbells

●     Resistance band

●     Balance trainer


Learn Winter Sports

If you need to get more active during the winter months, try learning a winter sport. Not only will the exercise keep you fit and active, but you’ll also stimulate your mind by learning something new and broaden your social circle. Winter is an excellent time to try out skiing, skating, curling or fat biking.


Set a Goal

An effective way to stay active during the winter is to set a goal, like signing up for a race that starts at the first sign of spring. Then, purchase the gear you need to keep up training in the winter. If you’re a runner, consider sliding some ice cleats over your shoes. For cyclists, purchase a trainer for your bike and spin the miles away in your living room.


Winter comes with all kinds of challenges -- from winterizing your home to driving in the snow -- so why let your workout be one of them? From learning new routines to buying new gear, you can burst through the cold.

Yours in Balance,

Dr. Tali Pariser