Chiropractic Treatment

What causes Hands and Feet numbness?

Do you or did you ever experience hands or feet/toes numbness? You may have experienced hand or feet numbness while lying in bed, sleeping, or working long hours at the computer.

This common phenomenon can occur from an injury to a nerve in one or more areas. This nerve injury may be caused by a trapped nerve in the neck region, shoulder area, elbow or down at the wrist. Neck injury may cause the tingling in the arms and hands while low back injury can bring about the same symptoms in the legs feet and toes.

Injuries to nerves can be caused by a herniated disc, a misaligned bone in the spine or pressure on a peripheral nerve from scar tissue, a more complex issue such as a tumor or pressure from a blood vessel. Pressure on a delicate nerve causes an injury to that nerve, if not treated it generally leads to nerve death.

As a Chiropractor specializing in rehabilitation of the spine and posture, I am trained extensively in assessing and correcting the faulty posture that causes the interference to the spine and body. Chiropractic and Physical Therapy rehabilitation use passive and active therapies which consist of full body chiropractic adjustment as well as corrective therapies and exercises to remove the interference to the nerves and allow the body to heal itself.

At Radiant Health Chiropractic of Smyrna, our mission is to restore function by strengthening the musculoskeletal system using core exercises and therapeutic modalities to facilitate healing that will prevent recurring problems.