As promised, this article will explore specific illnesses that have been linked to mold exposure. 

Multiple Chemical Syndrome:  Is It Related to Mold Exposure?

As promised, this article will explore specific illnesses that have been linked to mold exposure.  If you or someone you love has begun having unexplained symptoms like breathing issues, sinus symptoms or even strange rashes, doctors may be scratching their heads with how best to diagnose a specific condition.  European countries have begun researching a condition called Multiple Chemical Syndrome (MCS) and speculating connections to mold exposure-related illness. 

What is Multiple Chemical Syndrome (MCS)?

Multiple Chemical Syndrome (MCS) is an illness characterized as a chronic condition with recurring symptoms.  Multiple organ systems are often involved.  Further, chemicals and other agents or combinations are often found as culprits in this illness.  When the irritants are identified, found and removed, the illness clears up.  Often mold is found to be one irritant present in combination with others. 

What Symptoms are Present with MCS?

Truly, the symptoms can be as individual and patients and the environments in which they live and work; however, one specific Finnish study identifies several conditions that are often linked to MCS.  The following diagnosis in concert with other symptoms may indicate the presence of MCS: 

·      Hypothyroidism

·      Breast Cancer

·      Lymphoma

·      Chronic Respiratory Illness

·      Neurological Symptoms (Migraines)

·      Throat Infections

·      Eye Infections

This is a limited list of some illnesses that can be connected to prolonged mold exposure.

When Should I Test for Mold?

If you are living or working in a place where more than one person begins exhibiting illness symptoms, it may be time to test for mold.  In some homes where mold colonization has taken place, even the family pets have begun exhibiting symptoms.  It can be hard to determine what differentiates MCS from seasonal allergies; however, remember that with MCS when mold allergens are present, often multiple conditions are present.  

What Can Happen with Prolonged Mold Exposure?

Sometimes people can develop significant chronic illnesses due to MCS that cause debilitating conditions.  In some cases, these illnesses can also cause untimely death.  An increase in morbidity sometimes occurs because doctors are unable to diagnose the root cause of MCS without environmental studies.  Most doctors do not recommend environmental studies in the case of the following serious diagnoses: 

·      Different Types of Cancer

·      Autoimmune Disorders

·      Respiratory Diseases

Closing Thoughts from Dr. Tali


MCS with the presence of mold toxins can be deadly.  Mold can impair the body’s immune system making the conditions ripe for development of serious diagnoses like cancer, neurological disorders or autoimmune issues.  If unexplained illness develops, looking for mold coupled with other chemical agents or irritants that cause MCS can be critical.  Of course, at Radiant Health Chiropractic, we will support any health needs to promote your wellness.  Call today to set an appointment.  Your health is our primary concern. 

In wellness, 

Dr. Tali